Brand & Consultancy

Working with you to achieve the full potential of your brand. From a simple refresh to a complete re-work.


We have worked with some amazing brands helping them develop their brand through research, strategy, ongoing brand consultancy, design visuals to implementation.

Developing Your Brand


We thrive off working with our clients to understand their brand and target audience; we listen to their stories and feed off their passion –  this is what inspires us to create something special to connecting them to their audiences. Whether you are looking for something new, or unique, or modernized logo or a complete brand overhaul, we can help.

Managing Your Brand


Our proven methodology positions you and your target audience at the centre of the branding process. We know that your brand is a huge part of your company’s identity; meetings with our team allow us to deliver ideas that work to achieve your end goals, providing you with a fresh, new image to fit your company values.

What brands need


Building a connected brand isn’t easy. If it were, more brands would be doing it. It takes a strong brand strategy and an equally strong plan to bring it to life. It takes access to data and insights that are essential to informed decision-making. It takes the right mix of disciplines to meet business needs while creating the optimum customer experience. And, it requires a holistic approach, using bought, earned, owned and shared media to create a fully integrated engagement plan. But, where do you start?

Start with a plan


There are many clients being asking us for a basic campaigns or solutions. That’s a great place to start the conversation. But we won’t simply brainstorm a creative idea or materialize it until we have personally set ourselves up for success with a solid brand strategy and a fully developed engagement plan. That way, we know we’re all working toward the right business objectives and success metrics – established in consultation with your key stakeholders – before the first idea hits the whiteboard.

Innovation never stops


Creating business strategy requires month by month follow-through and is our first steps to get it started. We will be there to provide you brand strategy, engagement plannings and customer experiences design day in and day out to make sure you stay ahead of the digital curve.

Full-service strategy and planning


We offer a full suite of strategic and planning services to help you connect with customers, from evaluating brand strengths and weaknesses to understanding how and why audiences engage to establishing goals and tactics for each campaign.


Brand strategy


Evaluating, analyzing and synthesizing the personality and meaning of the brand to develop holistic strategic thinking.


Engagement planning


Identifying the right mix of touchpoints and communication channels to accomplish the business and brand goals efficiently and effectively.

Customer experience design


Developing plans for creating, curating, activating and managing content across bought, earned, owned and shared channels, using Hearst content and proprietary audience data where appropriate.